Brian and Shelly Tennyson’s daughter was born with profound hearing loss. After trying hearing aids, the Tennysons realized that they were simply not enough. Nora was not able to develop speech with her hearing aids and continued to struggle.

Luckily, Nora was a good candidate for a Cochlear hearing solution. Having a niece who also was a Cochlear implant recipient made the Tennysons aware of the life-changing potential of this technology and how children can benefit from it. After going through the process and finding out that most Cochlear implants are covered by insurance, the family knew that this was the right decision for their daughter.

“Cochlear gave us a new lease on life with our daughter.” ~Brian Tennyson

After the surgery, Nora’s parents were surprised by how quickly she recovered and was able to bounce back. They recall the powerful emotion of seeing their daughter hearing the world around her for the first time. From hearing her little girl say “mommy”, to seeing her listen to the birds in their front yard, Nora’s family watched her explore the endless possibilities around her.

“It was a great moment. The best moment of my life so far.” ~Brian Tennyson

Nora continues to thrive with her Cochlear implant and will be getting her second side implanted soon. In fact, a recent pathology screening showed that Nora is now on par with any other child her age. The Tennysons have full confidence that she is well-equipped to conquer the world she grows in and know that their daughter has a lifetime of better hearing in front of her.

“We are so grateful for this….and couldn’t imagine life without it.” ~Shelly Tennyson

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Christine Casson
Christine Casson is a Marketing Manager at Cochlear Americas where she is responsible for planning and executing integrated consumer outreach campaigns. Passionate about the topic of hearing loss and ways in which to treat it, Christine enjoys speaking to and learning from Cochlear hearing implant recipients every day. She loves hearing about their unique experiences and how this miraculous technology has helped change their lives. In her free time, Christine enjoys spending time with her four children, cooking with her chef husband, hiking and enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.