Imagine waking up one morning only to find you are unable to hear out of one ear. Suddenly, you lose your ability to discern direction, making conversations in noisy environments difficult to follow and hearing your favorite sounds of nature a struggle. This is the devastation that Dana Loomis experienced when she was suddenly unable to hear from her left ear. Thankfully, she found the Baha® System, which helped her hear what was going on around her and stay active and present in the conversation.

Dana Loomis Mini Mic

To help elevate her hearing experience and bring her even closer to sound, Dana turned to Cochlear™ Wireless Accessories. The capabilities of the wireless accessories, both the Mini Microphone and Phone Clip, give her a much better sense of clarity.

Mini Microphone


“I went out to lunch with two of my girlfriends at a noisy restaurant and placed the Mini Mic on the table. This was definitely my ‘ah ha’ moment. I was able to hear everything. I just felt like I was able to relate better to everything that was happening.”

Phone Clip


“I’m getting a greater sense of fullness in being able to communicate with people on my phone and hear sirens, and various other things that are happening in the background.”

See why Dana enjoys the wireless accessories and how she’s learned to embrace events she might have shied away from in the past.

Learn more about the Baha System and if it is a possible solution for you or a loved one.

Cochlear Guest Writer