Gideon Stanton, Nucleus® Cochlear Implant recipient, will appear on the upcoming episode of Food Network’s American Diner Revival. Gideon is the General Manager and Prep Chef at Slim Goodies restaurant in New Orleans, a diner that helped a city in crisis during Hurricane Katrina.

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“I lost my hearing gradually, probably due to loud noises and serving in the army. I struggled to hear with my hearing aids. I was worried I would not be able to keep working. Looking back, like many adults, I waited too long to seek treatment for my hearing loss.

It was about three years ago that I received my Nucleus Cochlear Implant. Life hasn’t been the same since. My hearing has improved, allowing me to better communicate with family and friends. I have three lively grandsons. The last time I visited my grandsons, I was able to communicate with them and participate in their play in a more meaningful way thanks to my cochlear implant.

I belong to three book clubs. Even with really good hearing aids, I struggled to participate. Now with the cochlear implant, I am able to fully participate in the conversations. Recently, I went out to eat with my two cousins and their husbands. In a busy restaurant with the jukebox playing, I was able to enjoy a normal conversation.

My cochlear implant has been especially impactful to me at work. I work as the General Manager and Prep Chef at a restaurant called Slim Goodies in New Orleans. Slim Goodies is a special diner. After Hurricane Katrina, it was the first restaurant to open its doors to a city in crisis, feeding first responders and locals after the storm.

My cochlear implant has allowed me to better communicate with customers and other employees. I was even able to participate with Chef Amanda in the recent recording of Slim Goodies for the upcoming episode of American Diner Revival.

If you are struggling to hear with your hearing aids, find out if you qualify for a cochlear implant. For me, it has been far superior to my best hearing aids and easier to use.”

~ Gideon Stanton, Nucleus Cochlear Implant recipient

Tune in and watch Nucleus Cochlear Implant recipient Gideon from the restaurant Slim Goodies!

Slim Goodies DinerWhat:  American Diner Revival on the Food Network

When:  Friday, January 15, 2016

Time:  7:30pm Central Time

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Christine Casson
Christine Casson is a Marketing Manager at Cochlear Americas where she is responsible for planning and executing integrated consumer outreach campaigns. Passionate about the topic of hearing loss and ways in which to treat it, Christine enjoys speaking to and learning from Cochlear hearing implant recipients every day. She loves hearing about their unique experiences and how this miraculous technology has helped change their lives. In her free time, Christine enjoys spending time with her four children, cooking with her chef husband, hiking and enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.