When you are considering a cochlear implant, you want to know all the facts, especially when it comes to the reliability of the implant you are choosing. Reliability can have a variety of meanings, but to us reliability means consistent performance and function for the lifetime of the implant. Reliability focuses on the accuracy of measures and clearly implies the stability of the hearing implant. We want you to feel confident you are choosing the most reliable hearing implant available, not just for the first year you have the device, but throughout your lifetime.


While all cochlear implant companies have demonstrated a capability to build a reliable implant for one year, reliability over time is what matters the most. Looking at the chart below, you can see that after two years other Cochlear implant manufacturers’ products begin to decline in reliability. However, even at ten years after implantation, our Nucleus® CI24RE Cochlear™ Implant is still 99% reliable3.  We report our reliability statistics annually in our Nucleus® Reliability Report, which covers the entire life of all implant models and registered implants worldwide. Visit to learn more.

reliability-larger-type1Trusting a hearing implant solution and vetting the manufacturers are some of the most important factors when making your decision.  Not only is Cochlear the most trusted hearing implant company, it is also the number one chosen hearing implant company for reliability1-3. This means there is a large community of people who have been exactly where you are and want to help.


Learn more about our reliability and why Cochlear is the most trusted and number one choice in hearing implants.




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