Every day as your child grows so does their language and their experience with sound. It is important to take advantage of each day making sure that the sound they are hearing is a clean, clear signal so they can continue to learn.

The Value of Wireless Accessories for Your Child - Blog 1 - PhotoOne of the ways to optimize your child’s sound quality particularly in very challenging environments, such as listening in noise and over distances, is to utilize a wireless accessory in conjunction with their cochlear implant(s).

Cochlear offers a wide range of wireless accessories to suit your child’s needs. These wireless accessories are designed to complement your child’s cochlear implant(s) by providing better hearing in challenging noisy environments. They are easy to use and extremely effective at reducing background noise and improving the acoustic sound delivered to your child’s processor(s).

So parents, as you consider a wireless accessory for your child you should also consider the following:

  • Your child’s age: Are they younger than 3, older than 5, a preteen, teenager or entering college? Depending on your child’s age you might consider more than one wireless accessory.
  • Your child’s activity level: Are they crawling, walking, playing sports, spending a lot of time in the car, learning to drive, working at their first job? Considering their interests and hobbies will help you determine which wireless accessory to use and when.
  • Your child’s daily learning environments: Where does your child spend most of their day? Is it at home, at school, a playground, watching TV, talking on the phone or hanging with friends? As you teach your child to use their wireless accessory they will want to understand when they should use it, and knowing what environment they are in on a daily basis will be an important factor.

Follow our series on this topic of “The Value of Cochlear™ True Wireless™ Technology for Your Child.” We’ll explore the Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone in the next post.

Renee Oehlerking
Renee Oehlerking is the Public Relations Manager at Cochlear Americas where she is responsible for the region’s public relations and consumer marketing social media. Renee enjoys uncovering, telling and showcasing the inspiring stories of hearing implant recipients. As a recent transplant to Denver, Colorado, Renee enjoys exploring all that the state has to offer outdoors.