Baha® recipient Tiffany shares her experience with single-sided deafness and the Mrs. Colorado pageant.

Tiffany S“My hearing loss came on overnight. I thought I had woke up with a bad sinus infection. Eventually, I discovered I had lost my hearing and was diagnosed with single-sided deafness.

Living with single-sided deafness is hard because you can still hear out of one ear. I knew I needed help hearing, yet I was in absolute denial about my hearing loss. I was cheating myself, my family and my quality of life was going downhill fast. Back then, I simply had no foresight into how transformative the Baha System could be for me.

I tried the Baha System and fell in love with the quality of sound it afforded me. A few months after surgery, I was able to connect my sound processor to my implant. And then, just as sudden as I lost my hearing – I could suddenly hear again! Reborn!! I’m talking about the sound of soft rain, the beeps on the microwave, my kids whispering secret plans, water dripping from the faucet. I had forgotten so many of the natural, beautiful sounds of life. The sound was crisp, clear and surprisingly natural to me.

I finally embraced my hearing loss, my disability, my “gift” from God, as I now call it. Being hard-of-hearing has been a gift in the sense that I am now living in the present more than I ever was before. I’m a busy mom and a Colorado girl who loves life! My Baha System has allowed me to keep pursuing all of my passions and discover new ones too – mountain biking, running, skiing, paddle boarding and rock climbing. As a busy mom, I was getting too caught-up in to-do lists, chores and multi-tasking. My hearing loss has forced me to slow down, in a positive way. I now take the time to listen to the music, hear the dog barking, have a conversation with my kids and enjoy the sounds of life.

I looked around and realized that we all have a disability of some form. Some are more visible than others. Mine is hearing loss, and the Baha System helps me to overcome this. I make a conscious choice to wear my sound processor on full display – hair in a ponytail most every day.

So what’s next for me? The Mrs. Colorado America pageant!

One of 40 divine assignments on my official 40 before 40 list. I want to win the title so that I can take full advantage of the public voice that comes with Mrs. Colorado America. I want to inspire other people living with a disability to push through challenges and accept yourself “as-is”. I believe stories have the ability to change lives. I want to share mine and touch as many hearts as possible. Mrs. Colorado America would open new doors for me and give me that public voice.”

You can vote for Tiffany S and see who is crowned on April 16th!

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Christine Casson
Christine Casson is a Marketing Manager at Cochlear Americas where she is responsible for planning and executing integrated consumer outreach campaigns. Passionate about the topic of hearing loss and ways in which to treat it, Christine enjoys speaking to and learning from Cochlear hearing implant recipients every day. She loves hearing about their unique experiences and how this miraculous technology has helped change their lives. In her free time, Christine enjoys spending time with her four children, cooking with her chef husband, hiking and enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.