Cochlear Connections is a place to meet and communicate with other Cochlear recipients, their loved ones and family members.


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If you’re wondering what day-to-day life is like with a Cochlear device visit Cochlear Connections to talk with someone who has been through what you’re going through.

How is a Cochlear device different than a hearing aid? Can you enjoy music with your device? Are you able to hear in a loud restaurant? Curious if children with devices can attend regular school? Or are you an athlete wondering how well a sound processor will stay on? Wonder how well you’ll be able to hear your grandchildren speak?

Cochlear Connections is a place to meet and communicate with other Cochlear recipients, their loved ones and family members. You can ask any questions about their experiences with Cochlear devices and services, and about the hearing journey recipients go through.

Cochlear Connections is a directory of unpaid volunteers from all walks of life, with many different hearing loss experiences, in English and in Spanish. They all want to share their stories in order to help someone else.

“I love my implants and really enjoy reaching out to potential candidates. I also enjoy helping recipients with problems and questions.” – Sue M.

When you’re going through hearing loss and determining what solution works best for you, it can be overwhelming. And while many people in your life are supportive, no one can understand your hearing loss journey, your questions and your emotions better than someone who’s been there.

Select the profile of the volunteer you want to connect with, read their bio, then when you’re ready to talk, click the “Connect by email” button. Fill out the form and type in your questions. You’ll receive an email response from the volunteer within 72 hours (allow a little more time during the holidays).

Questions about hearing devices? Connect with someone who’s been there on Cochlear Connections.

“Volunteering not only helps those I see, it gives me a sense of peace and self worth pre-implant that I had lost.”  –  Lori O.

You’re not alone. If you have questions about implants, visit Cochlear Connections today and connect with a volunteer. They’re here for you.

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We’re the people who help people hear. We invented the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant over 30 years ago, which has evolved into our Cochlear™ Nucleus® System today. Later, we added a bone conduction implant, the Cochlear Baha® System, to our treatment options, so we could help care for more people with hearing loss. And now, with the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Hybrid Implant System, we can help individuals missing high-frequency sounds who may not have had an effective treatment option available to them.