International Volunteer Day 2017 is here!


International Volunteer Day (IVD) is Tuesday, December 5th. According to the United Nations, IVD is an opportunity for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, share values, and promote their work among their communities. This year’s theme is “Volunteers Act First. Here. Everywhere.”, and is a recognition of the positive solidarity of volunteers around the world who answer calls in times of crisis, helping save lives today and supporting those who want to continue living their lives with dignity tomorrow.

In honor of IVD, we are highlighting the volunteer work of one of our recipients, Norm Kirsch, a bilateral Cochlear recipient since 2008. Norm and his wife, Ann, volunteer with Meals on Wheels in Pennsylvania.

Written by: Christine Church, Director of Brand Awareness and Volunteer Engagement 

International Volunteer Day 2017

Name of nonprofit, location & mission:

Meals on Wheels is one of the programs supported through our local Area for Aging in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Their mission is to empower local community programs to improve the health and quality of life of the seniors they serve so that no one is left hungry or isolated.

How long have you been involved with the organization?

Five years

What type of volunteering work do you do?

We deliver nutritious meals to individuals in the community and provide support to members of the community so they may live independently.

What inspired you to volunteer with these organizations?

We believe that volunteering allows us to make a difference and give something back to the community.

What is a favorite part of volunteering?

We enjoy meeting interesting seniors and ensuring that they are receiving at least one nutritious meal a day. We greet them with a friendly smile and check to make sure they are okay. It’s rewarding to help seniors age with dignity and remain in their homes as long as possible.

How do you think having your hearing implant has made a difference in volunteering with the organization?

I would not be able to do it without my cochlear implants. Most seniors have low, soft voices. Now I can understand them and have a quality conversation.

Cochlear Americas
We’re the people who help people hear. We invented the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant over 30 years ago, which has evolved into our Cochlear™ Nucleus® System today. Later, we added a bone conduction implant, the Cochlear Baha® System, to our treatment options, so we could help care for more people with hearing loss. And now, with the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Hybrid Implant System, we can help individuals missing high-frequency sounds who may not have had an effective treatment option available to them.