Have you been to an HLAA Walk4Hearing over the past 15 years? Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular attendee, this spring will be a new type of walk experience! Walk days are being held as Online Celebrations this spring. Learn more from HLAA’s Executive Director Barbara Kelley about how the Walk4Hearing is just getting started, 15 years later!


“As you are, we here at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) are concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and find ourselves having to make some changes to our events and activities. Our 15th anniversary Walk4Hearing events are scheduled to begin in early May. With the continued partnership of our sponsors and alliances, the Walk4Hearing and its goal to provide resources and support for people with hearing loss will go on as Walk4Hearing Online Celebrations.

Walk4Hearing online celebrations

Spring Walk Days are going virtual! That means that all the spring walks will be held as online celebrations. Each spring Walk4Hearing will be held on the same day and time as previously announced but we’ll be gathering as a community via Zoom to celebrate, help educate and bring awareness to hearing loss and the importance of hearing health. The upside is that everyone who can link to Zoom can attend a Walk4Hearing. I am amazed that we have hundreds of registered teams and walkers signed up and fundraising. Even in these challenging times, our HLAA community is strong!

HLAA’s Walk4Hearing is the only event of its kind just for you – people with hearing loss, your families and friends. In 2020 we celebrate our 15th year and although this year has brought us a new walk experience, let’s make this an opportunity to foster the connections that are now more important than ever!

What I’ve seen the past 15 years

• Families walk together, support each other, and have a lot of fun doing it.

• People form teams and raise money for programs in their communities. They laugh, stroll, and sport their unique team shirt designs.

• Kids meet other kids with hearing loss who have cochlear implants or hearing aids. If they didn’t know it already from their family and teachers, they get affirmation from meeting other kids just like them.

• Our corporate partners, like Cochlear, show strong support for those who walk and tell us they enjoy meeting you and supporting your teams.

• Smiles, games for kids, balloons, eating, walking.

Walk4Hearing online celebrations

“We remain committed to our mission and encourage you to bring family and friends together in a new way.” – Barbara Kelley

Join our mission

Spring Walk Days will surely be different than what we’ve seen during the last 15 years, however, the mission underlying the Walk4Hearing is more important now than ever. The mission of bringing awareness to people and communities about hearing health, hearing loss, treatment and prevention. People walk because it’s a public proclamation of an important message—if people have the information they need and support from peers, families and professionals, they can make decisions on what is best for them. HLAA’s mission of opening the world of communication through information, education, support and advocacy is fully alive at the Walk4Hearing. Whether in person or online, we can all do our part to come together as a community and do something meaningful for many.

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and a perfect time to spread the word that you’re not alone with your hearing loss, there’s something you can do about it, and there are people and resources to help you. When it is safe, you can take some proactive steps by getting your hearing screened and ask for hearing access in school, work or entertainment venues. We know that hearing screenings should be as routine as your yearly eye exam, but in reality they aren’t as prioritized as other health screenings. We strive to help spread the word that your hearing number is an important health measure to know and monitor just like your vision number and cholesterol number.

Meet Joss Kendrick

This year, American Girl has partnered with HLAA  to increase awareness and educate people about hearing loss. Joss Kendrick, a competitive athlete with a hearing loss, is the 2020 American Girl doll of the year. Children, ages 5-12, who register for the Walk4Hearing, can enter the  Walk with Joss Kids Contest for a chance to win a Joss Kendrick doll and accessories from HLAA.

Walk4Hearing online celebrations


Thank you to all of you who have walked, spread the word, raised money and supported the Walk4Hearing. If you haven’t participated, I invite you to. I’m looking forward to our 15th year and will see you along the route!”

Cochlear will be at each of the Walk4Hearing Online Celebrations

We’re inviting you to join us as we support HLAA’s spring Walk4Hearing! Cochlear will be at each Walk Day online celebration and we’re looking forward to seeing you, your families and friends there too. Let’s rally around our shared mission to raise awareness of hearing loss and the importance of hearing health and make something great happen. It will be easy, fun and, collectively, we will make an impact!



Walk4Hearing online celebrations


2020 Walk4Hearing Spring Walks

May 2ndWestchester/Rockland, NY

May 9thMilwaukee, WI

May 16thMilford, MI

May 16thNashville, TN

May 16thSalt Lake City, UT

May 30thBay Area, CA

May 31stLong Beach, CA

June 13thNew Britain, CT

Walk4Hearing online celebrations

“Had I not signed up for the Walk4Hearing in Chicago in 2019, I may never have found out I was a candidate. I’ll be walking every year from here on out!” – Amy M. Cochlear Volunteer

Please join our Cochlear Team at one of the walks this spring. See you online at the Walk4Hearing!




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