One of the best words to describe day 2 of Celebration #Cochlear2017 is empowering.

Friday kicked off with an amazing opening session! Tony Manna, President, North America, spoke of our wonderful network of volunteers who help candidates and recipients every day. Elena LaQuatra and Margo Klug were two featured volunteers who spoke of their journeys to sound. Margo spoke of the power of self-advocacy. She stated that one should never let hearing challenges stop you from doing anything!


Jim Patrick, Chief Scientist, spoke of his history, work, and role in the development of the first multi-channel cochlear implant. What a captivating story!

There were nine educational sessions throughout the day highlighting implantable solutions , what it can do for those with hearing loss, how this technology came to be, where it is going, and what recipients can do to continue to further maximize how to best hear every day. A huge shout out and thank you to our expert speakers!

Chris Smith, CEO & President, spoke of how over 450,000 recipients are now united by sound. What a truly magnificent way to think about what connects are recipients to fully make up our Cochlear Family. We all have a story of how our journey begins. We know of the child who completely changed in his demeanor and confidence with his Baha after meeting others at Celebration. We know of the teenager who smiled from ear to ear after experiencing wireless for the first time. We know of the person who was now ready to make the leap of going bilateral, and now has the confidence to speak on stage publicly to over 800 people! These stories are what bond us and bring us altogether as a community, and more importantly, a family.

Looking forward to a spectacular Saturday being kicked off by the Expo, and closing out the night with a party at Epcot! Have a wonderful day!

Cochlear Guest Writer
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