As we kick off the New Year (cheers to 2015!), it is a good time to reflect upon the people and organizations that dedicate themselves to changing lives. One of those special groups is Ear Community, a support group for individuals born with microtia and atresia and varying degrees of hearing loss.


With their fearless leader at the helm, Melissa Tumblin dedicates herself to helping others find information, support and financial assistance for bone conduction hearing devices. Because her daughter Ally was born with microtia and atresia of her right ear, Melissa was able to learn more than she ever imagined about hearing loss, school programs and treatment options. Ear Community is her way of spreading that knowledge while fulfilling her passion of helping others.

In addition to providing a comprehensive website and Facebook page for people seeking to learn more and connect with others, Ear Community hosts annual picnics, which bring together individuals and families with microtia and atresia to learn from and support each other in their hearing journeys. Cochlear participates in these events each year and they really are a lot of fun! Kids can get their face painted and play games while the adults can meet others who are in a similar situation and share their experiences.


Additionally, Ear Community is a great resource for financial assistance should you need help with funding a bone conduction hearing device. Cochlear donates devices on an annual basis in an effort to help Ear Community members live life to the fullest. In 2014, Cochlear was pleased to help Milago, Eliana, Dustin and Randy hear with a Baha System. We hear they are doing great and are loving the new sounds they are able to hear each and every day.


Cochlear is a proud partner of Ear Community and looks forward to another fun-filled year ahead! Stay tuned for updates on 2015 picnic locations. In the meantime, visit earcommunity.com to learn more.

Cochlear Guest Writer
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