The Baha® 4 Attract System is so remarkable, it’s almost hard to believe it truly exists, but it does. It has the potential to help people with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness regain their hearing and change their life. If you have trouble hearing in noise, the rain drops falling on the pavement or hearing your loved ones whisper “I love you,” the Baha Attract System may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Baha Attract System delivers sound through the miracle of bone conduction and is held in place by magnets, which create an invisible link to better hearing. And, for the first time ever, it can give you a truly wireless connection to TVs, cell phones, and music players through the revolutionary Baha 4 Sound Processor.

Find out if the Baha Attract System is right for you.

Cochlear Guest Writer
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