Cochlear™ Baha® System recipients can connect to the world in a whole new way now, thanks to the Baha 4 Sound Processor and Cochlear’s Wireless Accessories. And, they can be especially beneficial for children.

For Noel’s parents, the Mini Microphone proved to be particularly helpful in their daily life.

Noel Restaurant_Blog

When eating out, Noel’s parents sometimes place the Mini Microphone on the table so Noel can follow the conversation over the background noise

One advantage is it can easily be clipped onto someone’s collar so Noel is able to hear them better in noisy environments or over a distance.

“To be able to speak normally into the microphone instead of yelling is really an enormous advantage. I don’t need to scream or shout at Noel anymore if we are on a playground, for example. I just speak in my normal voice into the Mini Mic and he’ll hear me,” explains Noel’s mother.

Noel Playground_Blog

Noel can hear his mother up to 23 feet away when she speaks into the Mini Microphone

“It’s also a great tool for his pre-school teachers as well,” continues Noel’s mother.

In a noisy environment like the classroom, every decibel counts. When the teacher wears the Mini Microphone, it connects wirelessly to the student’s Baha 4 Sound Processor and the student can hear what’s being said. Here is an illustration of how it works in a classroom setting.

Mini Mic Classroom_Blog

Another benefit of the Mini Microphone is that it can used to stream audio. For example, when Noel watches movies on his iPad, his parents place the Mini Microphone behind it, so it transmits the sound to Noel’s sound processors and he can enjoy his favorite movies – completely wirelessly.

One of the best advantages is that they don’t need to bother Noel while connecting the Mini Microphone to his sound processor.

“He hated that we would take away his ability to hear, if only for a few seconds. Now, we just switch the microphone on via the remote control and then he hears us. It has really helped us tremendously in our daily life.”

Mini Mic_Blog

The Mini Microphone is 3 cm wide and 6 cm long and clips firmly on to a collar

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