2015-2016 Rifle Photo by Joshua McCoy/Ole Miss Athletics.
2015-2016 Rifle
Photo by Joshua McCoy/Ole Miss Athletics.


University: University of Mississippi

Major(s): Elementary Education

Minor(s): Mathematics

Hobbies: Playing the ukulele and singing

Desired Career: Elementary School Teacher possibly for a school of the hearing impaired

Favorite Things to Hear:  Anything on my right side is a pleasure to hear

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t change with the wind; instead be like a strong-rooted tree that does not waver, regardless of what is happening around it.”—Jon Gordon



Allison graduated from high school with a 4.0 and was elected numerous positions in high school clubs. She is now on the Ole Miss Rifle team in which she travels across the country, competes, and does charity work.

Allison contracted bacterial meningitis when she was 18 months old, which resulted in a 100% hearing loss in her right ear. Before going to college, Allison and her family believed the Baha System would be the best solution to her hearing loss challenges.

“It has taken away so many of the problems I faced before. My directional hearing is starting to come in and the mini microphone comes in handy in my classes and at the range. I also love living life as a real life cyborg.”

Allison is inspired by her friends and family. She believes that each one is a remarkable person who possesses individual traits from which others should learn. She is motivated to win a US Olympics gold medal and is excited to make friends along that journey.


Advice to others:

I would tell any Baha System recipient to keep their post clean and be a good listener. Hearing and listening are totally different things. So if you have the privilege to hear, then be the best listener you can be.”

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