McKenna Nelson 2“Thankful”

University: University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Major(s): Special Education (Adapted Curriculum Track)

Minor(s): Applied Behavior Analysis

Hobbies: Violin, volleyball, painting

Desired Career: Special Education Teacher

Favorite Things to Hear:  The sound of me playing my own violin, with full hearing, the voices of my loved ones

Words of Wisdom: “Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”—J.K. Rowling

McKenna has taken up wonderful opportunities to interact with and teach people with special needs. She has taught adults with special needs the life skills necessary to help them get jobs. In addition, she has helped to train assistance dogs to improve the lives of veterans with PTSD.

McKenna was born with extreme inflammation and profound hearing loss in her left ear and had several surgeries before getting the Baha System. McKenna feels that pursuing the Baha System was the right choice as she prepared to leave for college and anticipated large lecture halls with distracting background noise.

“It has given me confidence when talking to someone in a crowded room when there is lots of background noise. It has helped me so much in lecture halls in school that I no longer have to sit in the front of the room. It also allows me to experience life more fully since I can hear my family and friends better.”

McKenna was finally able to fully hear herself play the violin, a moment so powerful that it moved her to tears.


“Never give up. Until I heard about the Baha System, I lived my life believing I would never be able to hear more fully. So many people are discouraged when the odds are against them, and I would remind Baha System recipients that no matter what the odds, great things can happen. “

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