The Baha 5 System’s award winning design is definitely a step up from the previous generations of sound processors in terms of discretion.

The sound processors’ colors more closely reflect real hair colors. Below, we have some lovely Baha System users demonstrating all the different sound processor colors for your enjoyment:

Destiny with the black,                                              Nancy with the copper,

baha-5-attract-sound-processor                   baha5-colors-copper

Victor with the silver,                                               and Brian with the brown.

baha-5-silver-color                          baha-5-sound-processor-brown-hair

The curved shape of the sound processor also, in my personal opinion, more closely reflects the natural curve of the head. All of these new aesthetic elements combine to make the physical appearance of the Baha 5 Sound Processor much more subtle.

Beyond the shape of the material that makes up the sound processor, its technological capabilities also increase its ability to be stealthy. The iPhone connection allows you to change your program, increase or decrease your volume, mute your sound processor, and more without having to reach up and touch your sound processor. The Baha 5 Sound Processor has less feedback to draw attention to itself both as a result of its feedback suppression technology and the iPhone control mechanisms.

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Marilyn Flood