trip 2

Well I’m here! Every time I visit Maine it seems impossible for a real place to be this beautiful. Since this is my first East Coast trip without my parents, this trip has the sweet smack of independence and the freedom to go wherever I want. Within reason of course, I did set an itinerary of a few places I particularly wanted to go to.

I took some lovely hikes up around Moxie Falls and Baxter State Park, but I have to say without a doubt that the Portland Head Light was my very favorite part of Maine. There’s nothing quite like standing on what feels like the edge of the world and looking out across the ocean. The inevitable sea breeze was a little irritating blowing along my Baha Sound Processor at first, but I then I remembered I have an outdoor program! Switching programs didn’t get rid of the wind completely but it definitely took it to a more comfortable level.

Call me a technophile, but I still get a little thrill every time I change programs by messing around with my cell phone. Over the years of having a Baha System, I got better at changing programs without causing my sound processor to squeal, but I still wasn’t always successful. Now there is no fiddling, no finding the perfect angle, just the touch of a button and my sound processor does what I want it to.

I spent a lot of time on public transportation this week, traveling from place to place. Of course, being as gloriously organized as I am, I forgot my headphones at home- on the table next to the door where I intentionally placed them so as not to forget them… Anyways I spent a few hours resisting repeated urges to buy headphones at the airport when I realized it was unnecessary! I could just stream music from my phone straight into my head via my Baha System! I read while on the airplane, because while I know you no longer have to turn off all electronic devices while in the air, I have a hard time breaking the habit, but WOW was it cool walking through the airport listening to music without having anything in my ears.

Of course it does have one rather amusing side effect. People think I can immediately hear everything they’re saying because there are no headphones plugging up my ears. I’ve already had a couple of instances of being engrossed in a song or podcast and looking around to realize someone is talking to me, hurray for inadvertently coming across as incredibly rude.  Fortunately, everyone has been very gracious and understanding when I ask them to please repeat themselves. Besides, I wouldn’t change this cool new ability for the world; now it feels like my life has a constant soundtrack.

Off to Boston next week. I cannot wait! Have an awesome week everybody, and talk to you in a few days.


Marilyn Flood