Arrived in the grand city of New York! Man I always forget how loud this place is: there is something about the cars and horns and voices and music.blog ny It can be a relief just to mute my sound processor (with my phone of course! SO COOL) for a little while, and hear a little bit less of the hubbub. Trying to sleep in New York at night is one of those times that I am hugely grateful to be deaf in one ear. When the honking and shouting and noise making that runs all night really gets to me, I can just lay on my good ear and block out the world.

Call me a nut, but one of my favorite things about New York is the subway. Something about winding through underground passages, striding along with all the native New Yorkers on a mission to somewhere, how the sound echoes off the walls and down the tunnels, and don’t even get me started on how much I love the motion of the subway. Taking public transportation in Denver is money saving and efficient, but taking public transportation in New York is a true joy. I’m sure some element of my delight in the subway versus Denver’s light rail is novelty, but there really is something special and magical about the quality of the light and the smell of the subway tunnels.

I had a ton of fun fooling around with the geotagging feature on the Baha® 5 Smart App. I set four different stores to be four different programs and volume levels, and walked in and out of them and heard my sound processor ding and my phone vibrate as it informed metIt’s the simple pleasures.

Next week I’m off to Washington DC! Have a stupendous week.

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Marilyn Flood