Walking through my front door after a long trip is always a treat. I love being reminded that home really does have a smell. Of course, coming home also means returning to school, which can be both good and bad. I’m excited for the potential of the school year, but the return of school means the departure of most my free time.  However, I did get to try out my Cochlear Wireless Mini Mic in class for the first time!

I turned on my Mini Mic and blew into it a few times just to make sure it was working. I then walked up to my professor, briefly explained my hearing loss, described the Mini Mic as basically a wireless FM receiver and asked him to pin it to his shirt 6-10 inches down from his mouth. He agreed, and I went to sit back down, excited to try to my Mini Mic in class for the first time! Usually, I sit in the front of the classroom to best hear the teacher, but I wanted to try sitting father away to test the ability of the Mini Mic. I sat closer to the back of the classroom, still within the 23 foot range, of course.

As class started, I realized he pinned the Mini Mic too far down on his shirt, and I couldn’t hear enough to understand what he was saying. I battled with myself for about five minutes, my natural reluctance to interrupt class for a personal matter at odds with the importance of asserting my needs. Eventually, I bullied my hand into the air and when called upon, asked my professor to move the Mini Mic up on his shirt. He quickly and genially complied, and went on with the lesson like nothing happened.

All told, the interruption probably took about 10 seconds, and I’m not even sure more than a quarter of the class noticed.

After a minute to regain myself, I realized I was hearing every word my professor said with awesome clarity. Usually I get distracted in class pretty easily, but this class period I become completely absorbed in the lecture!

Using the Mini Mic is an awesome experience and even more reason to love my new Baha® 5 System and the wireless accessories!

Marilyn Flood