Celebration 2015 was certainly a weekend full to brimming with energy, wonderful people, and lots to do! I personally went home and slept like a rock for a very long time.

Just to get you in the mood: this was the lovely video our creative team compiled with lots of snap shots from the weekend.

Day 1

Everybody’s weekend started at the registration desk: checking in, getting their name tags and getting pumped up for the fun weekend ahead!

Celebration 027

Some pictures of recipients, families and friends on the first day:

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If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out the Celebration Kick Off blog post, which has a few highlights from the opening session!

Day 2

Day two was chock full of way too many great sessions to mention in detail, but I will highlight just a few of them. Try checking out the hashtag #Cochlear2015 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other people’s responses to the many other sessions.

Celebration 037  Celebration 039 Celebration 038

Adi Nilson and Jandee Barthlome gave a few top secret tips about upcoming Baha System news to those who came and signed Non-Disclosure Agreement forms!

Terry Zwolan gave a presentation called “Thriving in College, Career and Beyond”. She gave some great tips about advocating for yourself. One idea that she really stressed was the importance of children starting to advocate for themselves early; the timeline she gave was starting in middle school. Parents can’t always be around to speak for their kids, so it’s important that kids are able to describe their situation, know what they need, and be comfortable asking for it.

Sam Trychin led a session titled “When Hearing Loss Hits Home”, which I got to catch a little bit of. A quote from this session that I particularly enjoyed:

After describing some of the frustrating things that people without hearing loss can do to people with hearing loss he declared

But they’re not bad people, they’re just HBs.

Then he paused, just long enough for everyone to wonder what crazy new concept he was going to hit us with, before finishing:

Human Beings.

Jace Wolfe spoke in a couple sessions about the Nucleus 6 System and Wireless Accessories!

At the end of the day, everyone had dinner on their own. But there were a few meet ups planned for Young Professionals and College Aged Folks, Seniors, Cochlear Town USA, and Parents & Kids.

Day 3

EXPO kicked off day three with a bang. All 30,000 square feet of ballroom was full to brimming with resources, fun and people.

Just a few of the tables:

Celebration 078A myCochlear booth, educating people about Cochlear’s new, still developing resource, and encouraging sign ups!

Celebration 079

A decorate your Nucleus and Baha Sound Processor table.

Celebration 080

Informational tables about all of Cochlear’s latest technologies.




The back wall was a short history of Cochlear exhibit with some early video interviews with Graeme Clark and Rod Saunders, a booth with all of generations of Baha and Nucleus Sound Processors, and an extra special surprise at the end: Jim Patrick himself!

Celebration 065IMG_7893_smCelebration 070

Everyone was disappointed that Graeme and Anders weren’t able to make it to this Celebration, so we had to make do with a substitute. Two life sized cardboard cut outs! They were very patient for taking all the pictures everyone wanted.

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Even Kaci, Vibe and Jim Patrick got in on the fun!

EXPO felt like a full day in and of itself, but after lunch there were still more sessions! To highlight a few:

  • The 2015 Scholarship Winners got up on a panel and answered questions about their experiences growing up with hearing loss.
  • Richard Reed demonstrated his amazing piano skills, talked about his experience getting his cochlear implant, and discussed listening to music with it.
  • Donna Sorkin talked about asserting your rights in the classroom, the work place, and the public domain.

The day finished up with the closing session where all of the scholarship winners gave speeches, and  finally an ice cream social accompanied by a few Disney© characters!

Day 4

The final day arrived more quickly than anyone believed possible, and everyone said their goodbyes over breakfast.


Clean and Check

Last but not least, we certainly cannot forget the amazing men and women who toiled all four days and checked over 400 different sound processors!


Thank you so much again everyone for an another absolutely FANTASTIC Celebration Weekend!

I hope to see you all again in two years time!

Marilyn Flood