shutterstock_161444768Football season is in full swing!  How is your team doing?  Personally, I am a huge Broncos fan (yes, even before Manning), and looking forward to their inevitable Super Bowl victory next February.

If you are like me, you have the volume rather high so you can hear the game from different rooms.  From an audible for play-action, or the crowd’s cheer after a touchdown, the game can change in an instant and not a moment can be missed.  There are also competing noises that need to be heard – the oven beeping, a friend knocking at the door, etc.

Sometimes you just want to plug in and enjoy the game and depending on what type of system you have, there are many different ways for you to achieve this.

Baha 4 System users can take advantage of the TV Streamer. When you connect to the TV Streamer the sounds from the TV will come straight through your sound processor so you can better ignore all those extraneous noises. Or, as long as you’re at least 21 feet away from your accessory, you can listen to the game while you’re up doing other activities.

Nucleus System users can use the Mains Isolation cable to plug straight in to the TV and enjoy every glorious or devastating play directly from your sound processor!

So enjoy a whole new way to experience TV viewing!  Learn more about Baha System wireless listening possibilities by visiting our website. Learn about the available Nucleus System tools in the same location. 



Marilyn Flood