Helio was born with microtia atresia resulting in conductive hearing Helio Meza (1)Resizeloss, but despite this diagnosis, Helio is becoming a very independent and responsible young person. The Baha has been life-changing for Helio and his family and has allowed him to live life to the fullest.

Helio has been go-karting since he was six years old, and has loved it from the first laps he took around the course. Go-karting has Helio Meza (3)Resizehelped to create a special bond between Helio and his father because this is something they can share. They work on the go-kart together and share those moments without any other concerns. The go-karting has taught Helio to work for the things he wants and Helio earns all his trophies with his dedication and hard work.

Helio’s Baha has enabled him to feel unstoppable; he believes that there are no boundaries or limitations to what he can do. He has a very bright future ahead of him and will continue to be an inspiration to all who interact with him.Helio Meza (5)Resize

Helio Meza is an amazing little boy. Watch his inspiring story.


Marilyn Flood