Family_eating_healthyIt’s that time of year again…holiday season! A fun time filled with joy, laughter, and chatter with family and friends. Whether you are traveling or enjoying time with loved ones at home, here are some tips to help you hear your best during the holidays.

  • Prepare yourself. Make sure you’re hearing your best before you gather with family and friends. Schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist to explore what hearing treatment options will work best for you or to fine-tune your current hearing device.
  • Plan ahead! Identify the best listening areas in a room, such as a quiet corner. If attending an event, take advantage of accessibility equipment offered. When sitting down for dinner, choose a seat that works best for your hearing, possibly away from background noise and against a wall.
  • Take breaks. Holiday season is a busy and overwhelming time of year. Crowds of people, loud conversations and background music can create significant noise levels. Rest up before big festivities, and take breaks from sensory overload to help you reset.
  • Travel smart. If you currently use a hearing device, remember to bring extra batteries, chargers, remotes and accessories. You should not need to remove hearing devices for security checkpoints. Take advantage of visual alerts and hearing accessible accommodations. Pack any equipment you bring for your hearing device in carry-on luggage.
  • Educate your loved ones. It is important that your family and friends understand your hearing loss. They want you to take part in the conversation and have fun too! Share tips with your loved ones on how to best include those with hearing loss in the conversation.

Most of all, just have fun! Appreciate this time with family and friends. Find tips that work best for you. Remember, everyone can get overwhelmed by the busy holiday season.

Enjoy the sounds and festivities of the holidays!

Cochlear Guest Writer
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