Baha Supe heroI love Comics. LOVE them. I am very versed in the Marvel Universe history and can discuss why Ra’s al-Ghul is the best villain in DC Comics history, even better than the Joker. So when the story broke last year that Marvel developed another super hero, I was pretty excited, especially because it was a super hero with hearing loss. The mother of a Baha® recipient reached out to Marvel saying that her child wouldn’t wear his aha Sound Processor because “none of the super heroes did”. So what did Marvel do? They created a super hero that did wear one, named Blue Ear! His Baha-like device lets him hear sounds normal hearing individuals couldn’t dream of.
After the comic couldn’t stay on the shelf and requests flooded in for copies, Marvel saw the opportunity to expand on the story and create another new character, this time with cochlear implants! Going by the name Sapheara, she overcomes insecurities and comes to view her differences in a positive light. With back stories, villains, and their own comic, these new super heroes are legitimate, important characters in the Marvel Universe.
So if your kiddo has a processor but doesn’t wear it for fear of being different, let them know about Blue Ear and Sapheara, Iron Man’s new best friends! Read more about how Marvel aimed to ensure self-advocacy to their readers, and encouraged them to be proud of their devices here.


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Marilyn Flood