DSCN1373By James Pruden

DSCN1762My son was just 12 years old when I got my first CI, he is 26 now and out on his own.  He has grown up around the “dad can’t hear” mentality.

I shudder DSCN1319to think what all I would have missed had I not had my CI’s.  My son took up the guitar soon after I received my first implant and I remember being able to actually listen to his music through out his high school years.  He played in a band and the show choir band as well.  Just being able to converse with him was a big plus which would have never been possible without the CI’s.

DSCN2413We used to play “driveway basketball” which was basketball in our driveway where we made up the rules as we went along.  DSCN2645Such as no fouls, can use roller blades, garden hose to squirt the other guy with, just crazy fun stuff.  It was great, I am thankful I was able to hear my child laugh and giggle.

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