Intro:  Savannah is a bright eighth grader who just received her Nucleus® Cochlear Implant in August. Since the age of 6, Savannah wore hearing aids. Savannah cares deeply for the environment. Last year, she started a button battery recycling program in her community. To date, the program has collected and recycled approximately 45 pounds (or over 22,000) of batteries. In her free time, Savannah enjoys the Japanese martial arts for which she is a brown belt and 3rd KYU. Additionally, she is an active participant on her middle school’s scholastic bowl team. Over the next few months, Savannah will share her experiences with her Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor and Cochlear Mini Microphone. So be sure to check back often here on The Wire to read Savannah’s latest hearing adventures! 


Hi everyone.  My name is Savannah and I’m entering 8th Grade this Fall.  I am an experienced hearing aid user but over the summer my left ear was implanted with Cochlear’s N6.  For about 9 years, I have used an FM system in the classroom but now I am very excited to be using Cochlear’s Mini Mic!  It is my hope that I can share with you my many new experiences using Cochlear’s Mini Mic in a classroom environment.

So, since my school hasn’t started yet, I have been exploring the uses of the Mini Mic at home. The Mini Mic acts similarly to an FP1070679M (picks up speech and sends it directly to the ears).  It can also replace the need for headphones when connected by a buddy cord to a sound device such as a computer or iTouch.

My mother and I have discovered that once you pair your “ears” to the Mini Mic, it will remember the connection for about 5 minutes. After five minutes, you have to reconnect, by pushing and holding the program button for about three seconds until you hear a short scale of notes. We then tested the range of the Mini Mic. The range is listed to be at about twenty feet. Outside, in perfect weather, we found that the Mini Mic seemed to reach about three hundred feet before there was too much static interference.

Wow! This will definitely be useful to know for outside gym activities at school, or playing sports on a field.   Just picture my mom and I playing Simon Says from three hundred feet with a tape measure. We must have gotten some strange looks. Afterwards we tested the Mini Mic indoors, and the range lasted, easily 160 feet!  Can’t wait to test that inside my school!

I have also heard that there are different opinions whether or not the Mini Mic works from behind doors or walls. I have not fully experimented with this, but since two different walls let sound through differently, all I can say is that it most likely depends on the type of wall or door, and your distance from the speaker.

I look forward to answering this question when I go back to school! Until next time,


To learn more about the Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone, click here.


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