Natalie Su Park CI Resize1The news of Natalie’s hearing loss at birth was devastating, but Cochlear Implants changed the fear and worry that her parents felt. Natalie is a bilateral Nucleus® Cochlear Implant recipient.  From the day of her activation there was an immediate difference, there was no doubt that this was the right decision for her. For her parents, there are so many small moments that truly mean so much when they know that their child can hear.

Natalie practices a lot of listening at home and on the go. Whether it’s reading, or eating a meal, she continues to improve her listening skills in her everyday life. She even practices different speech sounds at the park, while on the swings or pointing out the things she is looking at. Practicing that listening in outdoor environments is really important to her development and she continues to get better at it every day.

There is no doubt that Natalie will grow up just like her hearing peers. Even at 17 months, Natalie has proven to be no different than other children. Natalie is wonderful little girl with every opportunity that life has to offer.

Watch Natalie and her family’s moving story.

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