1Whether school has started or will start in a few weeks, preparation and planning are essential to starting off the new school year right! Let us help by offering these three steps to help set your student up for success!

1: Ask about an individualized education plan

Consider completing an Individualized Education Plan, or IEP. An IEP outlines areas to be emphasized in teachings, as well as continuing on success built from previous plans.  IEPs are different around the country, so make sure to check in with your school district for help.

2: Ask for help

It goes without saying that learning is not an individual effort; it takes many committed people to contribute to the education of one individual.  Getting everyone together will help build a team that works toward the best outcome for the student in your family. Some examples of team members are:2

  • Parents
  • Teacher
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Audiologist
  • Administrators
  • Tutors/Aides
  • Classmates and friends

3: Research and advocate 

A learning environment for a student with hearing loss can be challenging.

Use this list to help you identify things that might be challenges for your student and then talk to teachers or school staff to find solutions:

  • Check for sound elements that may interfere with hearing, such as HVAC’s, windows, hallways
  • Maintain visibility between teacher and student, achieved by sitting in the first few rows
  • Speak clearly during lessons
  • Identify any “looks” the student may have when they become confused or are struggling to put sentences/words together
  • Animate – Use visuals tools, hand gestures, etc. that will portray concepts appropriately
  • Repeat or paraphrase comments from other speakers
  • Utilize electronic resources like our Wireless Accessories (like the Mini Mic), or FM Systems
  • Empower students to be their best advocate.  It is very possible that many children in their classroom have never seen a Baha Sound Processor, and are just curious.  Teaching a child how to respond to questions about their device will help everyone understand that they are the same as every other child, except they have a cool device to help them hear.

Click here to read more tips!  Also, be sure to check out videos from our summer interns, Lexi and Caroline!  They are a few of our 2014 Scholarship winners, so they are great sources of information about getting the most out of your school experience.

Have a great rest of the summer, and a great school year!

Marilyn Flood