As the Summer days gradually come to an end (it has already snowed here in Denver!), I hope you find yourself enjoying the outdoors as much as you can, especially with family and friends!  The blog has had a few articles about challenges discussing your hearing loss and sound processors with family members.  As with anything, repetition makes things easier; the more opportunities you have to spend time with those close to you, the easier it is for conversations to naturally move toward topics like sports or the weather. shutterstock_177228041

So what outdoor activities can you organize to get everyone together?  A visit to a sporting goods store will provide many ideas – bocce ball is a great social game, with a competitive edge but simple concept: knock your opponent away from the target.  Ladder Toss is another idea.  It is a two- player game where you toss a string. with two golf ball type weights on each end, across a playing field to a three-rung “ladder”.  The point is to have the string wrap itself around each rung.  Aside from that, point values and other competitive aspects are completely up to the players.


Then there is an all-time favorite, Bean Bag Toss!  Same as Ladder Toss, you have to throw a bean bag across a playing field.  There are different versions, but the main goal is to get the bean bag in a hole in a slanted board.  This can be played with two opposing players, or entire teams.  There are many fun board designs you can research, and find a set that appeals most to you!

REC575_S_hrIt’s also great get to out and go for a hike in a national park or take a fishing trip. Or if you don’t want to make a day out of it, it’s great to just go play on the playground of a nearby park.

All of these are easy enough for any age, build a fun but competitive atmosphere, and can last minutes or hours, depending on how much fun you’re having!  Before you know it, everyone around you will be involved and engaged in conversations, laughter, and smiles.  So go out there and HAVE FUN!

Elizabeth Rosenzweig has some great ideas for getting outside for auditory verbal therapy sessions. 

Marilyn Flood