may1.1Did you know that almost fifty million Americans have hearing loss?1  That’s more than the population of California, Oregon, and Washington combined!*

Let’s work together to make hearing a priority!  Every year, we at Cochlear proudly join efforts with you during Better Hearing and Speech Month to increase awareness of hearing loss and advanced hearing solutions.

During Better Hearing and Speech Month and throughout the year, encourage those with hearing loss who you meet to take the hearing quiz, get their hearing checked and learn more about hearing loss and advanced hearing loss solutions at www.LifesWorthHearing.com.

What can you do?

  • Share the message in your community
  • Attend events and pass along the word
  • Inform your doctor
  • Post in social media

To help you get started click on the text below to download any of the following PDFs. You will find messages that you can copy and paste in social media, flyers you can distribute in events, and much more!

Awareness Flyer for Clinics         Awareness Bookmarks             Get Involved Flyer            General Awareness Flyer

General Awareness FlyerAwareness Flyer for ClinicsAwareness Bookmarks Get Involved Flyer


Not a Cochlear volunteer yet?  Visit www.Cochlear.com/US/ShareYourStory to join others who support those impacted by hearing loss.

Community Spotlight

May1.2Brenda, a bilateral Nucleus Cochlear Implant recipient, raised awareness at a booth at a Community Fair. Brenda shares her experience: “I enjoyed speaking about my hearing loss journey… As an adventurer and self-motivated woman, I am devoted to researching the best possible solution for any given situation. I reached some guests in the audience simply by sharing my personal experience, and I received an invitation to give my speech again at their local women’s club! It is for this very reason that I continuously reach out to others, even on my own. It is my passion to help others hear better!”


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 *United States Census Bureau, 2013.
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