I volunteer with Cochlear Americas because I feel it is important to give back to those that change your life.Tara L picture

Our daughter was born 13 years ago and failed her newborn hearing screening. Her hearing loss was not the same in both ears which made it difficult to provide her with appropriate hearing support. Being involved in special education myself I was already aware of cochlear implants, and she would have qualified for a cochlear implant in one ear, but the FDA did not at the time approve unilateral implantation for children if there was some hearing in the other ear. So my daughter began her hearing journey with a hearing aid. After seeing the success of the one hearing aid, we insisted on aiding the second ear to try and provide localization of sounds and to keep her auditory nerve stimulated as much as possible. We hoped that with time, she would be able to receive and benefit from a cochlear implant.

As unilateral implantation for children became more and more common, we knew it was time. With support from our amazing and skilled doctor at Lurie Children’s Hospital, we were able to move forward. We selected a brand with a trusted name that offered the best internal and external solutions for our daughter who by this time was 12 years old. Looking ahead at how a teenager would use the accessories it was clear that Cochlear was the right choice for her.

Cochlear’s customer service has been wonderful in supporting our family through this transition. With the success our daughter is experiencing both at home and school, a simple thank you just doesn’t seem enough. To be able to support others the way they have supported us felt like a good place to start.

With the use of social media I have been able to not only ask my own questions but also answer other parents’ questions in a timely manner. To be able to help other parents who are just beginning this journey brings me tremendous joy. If I can make just one family’s experience easier, then I will be proud to call myself a volunteer.

Tara L.

Cochlear Guest Writer
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