With one month remaining before your scholarship application is due, we have three big words for you: Revise Your Essay.
No doubt you’ve heard about the peculiar fallacy of the human mind to read your own writing and hear exactly what you intended to write. Not revising your essay in several different ways is another one of those easy to do but incredibly self-defeating habits of essay writers. Here are several ways to revise your essay to be sure it is grammatical, comma friendly and pleasant to read:

  • Read it out loud to your dog, your reflection in the mirror, or your favorite stuffed animal
  •  Have every single person in your family as well as a few close friends and a few strangers read it and give you comments
  •  Don’t read it repeatedly; read it get up and do something else, then come back and read it again
  • Print out a hard copy that you can scribble on
  • Revise for different elements each time; i.e. revise for big ideas, revise for fluency, revise for punctuation

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Marilyn Flood