Victor, Baha user since 2007, loves the Cochlear Wireless accessories – and is very impressed with the Baha app technology:

“I put the Mini Microphone on the table, in a restaurant, and I pick up everyone’s conversation directly into my head – no wires, very, very clearly. It’s a wonderful device.

I can use the app to actually control all my Baha devices, I can control the volume on my Baha without touching it now. It gives you a good quality of life.”

Watch Victor talk about his experiences in this video:

Video Transcript

“My name is Victor Makoski. I live in Westfield, New Jersey. I’ve had my Baha since 2007.”

After Victor lost his hearing, the Baha System helped him regain access to it.

“You know, it was like getting a sense of normalcy back in my life because I was able to now pick up sounds on my deaf side- it was a great enhancement in my life.”

Victor’s favorite thing about his upgrade to newer Baha technology is his wireless connectivity to the world.

“The processors, the difference is, I’d say, 110% different from the old one. I think because it’s digital, the clarity is better, it has the wireless option for the accessories, which I love. To me it makes all the difference in the world. I put that Mini Microphone that I have as an accessory on the table in a restaurant, and I pick up everyone’s conversation directly into my head – no wire, very, very clearly. It’s a wonderful device.”

Controlling his device from the palm of his hand makes life easier.

“I can use the app to actually control all my Baha devices, I can actually control the volume on my Baha without actually touching it now, if I use my app. I can use that same app to control the volume of my Mini Mic to do streaming of music… It gives you a good quality of life.”

Marilyn Flood