I am a bilateral Cochlear™ Nucleus® Implant recipient: 2005 right / 2010 left. I currently wear Cochlear™ Nucleus 5 Sound Processors, but I hope to upgrade soon.

AMillwoodBeing a volunteer is one of the most rewarding things I do. When I first qualified for a cochlear implant, there was absolutely no one in my region for me to talk to. I had no clue what a cochlear implant even looked like.

Once I was implanted, my husband and I immediately signed up to volunteer–we didn’t want anyone else to go through the loneliness of being deaf and qualifying for a cochlear implant, but having no one to talk with or not receiving encouragement. So now I/we share my story with anyone who is even slightly interested!

It is so incredible to talk with a candidate and then follow up with them once they are hearing. Many say the would not have proceeded if they had not talked with me (or someone else). And I am persistent–one friend took about 6 years to finally get her Baha® System. She was so excited to be able to hear music again!

-Adele M.

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