Hi everyone, it’s Savannah!

I am excited to share with you a recent opportunity to try out the new Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ that came out not too long ago. I had a chance to take it for test ride at school, and experiment with it at home. How is it, you ask?

Savannah Blog PostIt’s so cool!

For one thing, it has a cooler and sleeker new design that is super shiny and kind of looks like a spy gadget!  It shows off nicely the newly added features such as the volume buttons with locking capability, mode indicator buttons, battery life indicator, two microphone locations for omni-directional sound as well as the newly added mute button … no more awkward teacher moments!

The volume lock prevents the preferred level of volume from resetting after you turn it off. This is really helpful if you’ve found a volume you like and don’t like having to reset it each time you turn it on.

The Mini Mic 2+ now has four different modes that the user could toggle through – the microphone mode, a T-coil mode, a music mode, and an adapter mode. You can use the mode selector button (the long skinny button on the back) to switch between the modes. You can also hold that button down to trigger the battery life indicator … so helpful during a long day of use. Four lights indicate a battery life between 100% and 75%, three lights means 75% to 50%, and so on. I love being able to tell now how much battery is left!

When using the Mini Mic 2+, like with the original device, you can use the lanyard to hang around your neck.  As with the original device, there is also a clip for added security.  The clip on the new Mini Mic 2+ can now rotate!  This makes it way easier to attach the unit to your shirt and angle the device for optimal sound!

Another cool new feature, when the new unit is vertical (using the lanyard and/or clip is that it knows to only receive sound from the top microphones, which is generally where your speaker’s sound is. This is great as it helps to cut background noise so you hear the individual speaker more clearly. But when it is lying flat, the Mini Mic 2+ goes into omni-directional mode, which means it picks up sound from all around using the new round microphone on the front. Having this new omni-directional capability is great for group discussions or lunch, because you can hear all of the people without passing it around too much.

A great gift for teachers – and parents – is the new addition of the mute button. Now those private conversations for adult ears only can stay private.  Another wonderful feature is the automatic mute. The Mini Mic 2+ is now designed to automatically mute whenever it senses that it is being dropped. This feature means the listener no longer needs to hear the whistling sounds and final crash when it is being accidentally dropped!

And finally, I am sure you are all wondering:  How far can it go?  Well on the Cochlear Americas webpage, it says that it now goes about 80 ft. Just as I tested the original Mini Mic outside and was able to hear at about 300 ft., my mother and I tested the new Mini Mic 2+, and it goes way farther – a whopping 420 ft. outside!

Overall, the Mini Mic 2+ is a really exciting improvement on an already awesome and high-tech device! The added features improve my hearing experience in and out of school. The Mini Mic, no matter what version, is a life-changing piece of technology that helps me in everything that I do.

I am so grateful to Cochlear Americas for allowing me the opportunity to write a blog and share my thoughts with people across the world who are hearing impaired like me. There are no words that can explain this amazing technology that has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

To learn more about how the new Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ is designed to help you hear moments that matter most to you or purchase one, click here.

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